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16 Oct xenia in the odyssey

However, where you need to go is the very southern tip of Cape Sounion, which is the southern-most point of Attika. Xenia, the Greek concept of hospitality and the guest-host relationship, was, according to M.I. What makes their behavior bad xenia is the way they went about it. If either the host or the guest was to break any rule set by Xenia, there would be severe penalties dealt by Zeus and also by society (Wikipedia). Thus, he cannot disclose himself and defeat those who are hostile to the laws of hospitality until his various loyal members of the household receive him hospitably. Each time you return with a new treasure to Xenia, you can select a dialog option marked with a heart icon during the conversation. It’s possible that the ability to tell future guests that they once played host to the great Odysseus may bring them some fame and honor. According to “The Value of Hospitality” on Union.edu, it was possible for foreign travelers to be killed or captured for entering a foreign land. He may be offered a bath and fresh clothes. Where did you sail from, over the running sea-lanes?” (307). In addition to overstaying their welcome and basically taking over the palace as their own, they also treated other guests of the palace poorly despite being guests themselves. Follow the cave around and you'll have to fight off some goons, but the conch is in a chest right inside their little wooden structure. The Assassin's Creed Odyssey Xenia missions will also earn you a trophy / achievement, as well as the chance to romance Xenia herself. Zeus would severely punish those who break the fine rules of xenia and hospitality. The stranger must not be kept waiting. And when you speak to them, it turns out one of them did steal it for the other, who threw it in the ocean in disgust at his thievery. She is hosting him in a manner befitting his true identity; he has now become a guest-friend of Penelope, a relationship that will have importance later. The theme of punishment and reward for how xenia is offered runs throughout The Odyssey, starting with Odysseus’ encounter with the cyclops Polyphemus to his return to Ithaka and eventual vengeance against the suitors. Let us each contributes a fresh cloak and shirt and a bar of precious gold” (297). Xenia Hospitality is a very diverse tradition leading all the back to the Mycenaean era. Showing good xenia could also be a way of spreading fame for your house or country. 20 Nov. 2012. These bonds of xenia could prove useful if one friend were attacked. Thus, she offers him a bath, a bed, and a breakfast next to Telemachus, so therefore a meal and protection. Alcinous, a prominent member of the suitors, refuses to provide the disguised Odysseus with food, saying “What spirit brought this pest to plague our feast? When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Recognizing Eumaeus’s hospitality, Odysseus swears that Odysseus’s return is imminent, and that as a reward for his prediction when he returns, “The moment he sets foot in his own house, dress me in shirt and cloak, in handsome clothes. The hero will have sex with Xenia. This protection, an element of the guest-host relationship, is evident when Telemachus dresses down Ctesippus for throwning an oxhoof at Odysseus, saying “You can thank your lucky stars you missed our guest… Else I would have planted my sharp spear in your bowels. During Telemachus’s stay with his next host, King Menelaus of Sparta, the development of the guest-host relationship is again demonstrated and these elements again displayed. This is, again, ‘good manners’ on the part of the host and an integral part of developing the relationship according to Thornton. you are an absolute hero haha. As a result, take care of other side quests related to pirates. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Good and Bad Xenia in The Odyssey by Homer 892 Words4 Pages More Than a Cup of Tea Offering a hot beverage, food, the safety of your home, or entertainment are all examples of presenting good xenia to guests. He is proposing as his reward, a gift of clothes, something that constitutes the success of the prediction, the removal of his disguise. One of Xenia's pirates, Galateia, was injured on an expedition, losing some cargo and some people, and you've got to try and get them back. Polyphemus refuses to respect the custom of hospitality, telling Odysseus that “you must be a fool, stranger, or come from nowhere, telling me to fear the gods or avoid their wrath… I’ll never spare you in fear of Zeus’s hatred, you or your comrades here, unless I had the urge” (308). Xenia also explains why, during the battle of Troy, Glaucus and Diomedes refuse to fight: they discover their ancestors had a Xenia bond. Certainly, the suitors were aware of the consequences of their actions. As on Scheria, Odysseus can only be identified after having been received into relationships that acknowledge his true status and identity. It's got three juts of land, a bit like a trident, and you'll need to look for the small protrusion of land between the leftmost and middle prongs - simply known as the Underwater Cavern. The mere fact that they came to his house, seeking Penelope’s hand in marriage, isn’t necessarily wrong. The Odyssey, written by Homer, tells the story of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, who leaves for war and is constantly fighting with the gods in order to return home. Of course, once in the hands of Odysseus the bow is used to kill the suitors, and as he does so he reveals his true identity as Odysseus. If things are worth discussing, as I always feel strongly that the Odyssey is, then I will definitely do just that. This custom of xenia also held a burden of trust, where both the guest and host would have to rely on custom in regards to personal safety. It was also customary for gifts to be given to the guest, or for a gift exchange to be conducted between guest-friends. All travellers were seen as sent by Zeus and under his protection (Homer 153), so giving proper xenia was also a way of showing reverence for the gods, especially Zeus in the form of Zeus Xenios. Could you possibly help me with my paper on the Odyssey? The hero can meet her on Keos Island to find artifacts based on her treasure maps. He says “How impolite it would be, how wrong to scant whatever guest Telemachus welcomes to his house. Respect the gods, my friend. xenia is commonly used to portray hospitality or a guest/host relationship. Another example of good xenia in The Odyssey is Odysseus’ reception by Eumaios (Homer 248 – 249), a swineherd on his estate in Ithaka. Xenia was also a universal way for Homer to state character’s status and wealth in the Odyssey. In Phaeacia and on Ithaca, the hospitable reception of Odysseus as a guest and the development of the guest-host relationship lead to the recognition and revelation of his true identity. This custom of xenia also carried a burden of trust, where both the host and guest would have to rely on custom in regards to personal safety. Eumaios’ hospitality, and later his help, enables Odysseus to reclaim his house and get rid of the suitors. A guest must be provided for before he is to be questioned. cavern at any rate), Odysseus is violating the xenia laws. But who? Odysseus’s interactions with Penelope later play an important part in bringing about his explicit recognition. Indeed, the suitors, like the Cyclops, corrupt the elements of the guest-host relationship in a number of instances. Still playing up to his role, Odysseus proved himself by firing the arrow through the rings on the axe-heads, and then turned bring an end to the mockery the suitors had made of his house.

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