wheel offset et calculator

16 Oct wheel offset et calculator

Detecting damage in this area is very difficult, until it is too late. else { if (Math.round(distance)<0) { It is common to find positive ET wheels in front wheel drive cars. .TFtable td{

Since I'm not an artist, images are gathered from the web with any branding left intact. Make note of the number and divide it by 2. // send to form If you have too high an offset then the wheel will sit further in, possible clearance problems with suspension/brakes/rear beams.

This gives you the centre line of the wheel. newOutsideWidth=(newWidth/2) - parseInt(newOffset); Hello Blair, } var sp60 = Math.round(sp6); Here is my attempt to improve the same image.

– Ensure the lug nuts are tightened with an adequately calibrated torque wrench. If you have a zero offset wheel, the rear of the mounting face (where your wheel bolts pop through the back) will be in the center of the wheel width.

The results shouldn't be taken as gospel, and should be used only as a guide.

} Then enter your new wheel width and offset. var d2 = dt2 + 12 width:100%; Results appear in Red. When the centre line measurement is the smallest, it means you have a positive offset. You will find this type of wheel ET in rear-wheel drive cars, especially powerful ones. It would be seen as 7" x 13" wheel, 4 x 4" lug pattern, Offset of ET-7. }

var currentWidth,newWidth,newOffset,currentInsideWidth,newInsideWidth,currentOutsideWidth,newOutsideWidth; Input your current tire and wheel setup including wheel offset, then add the new setup to compare positioning. Find rim sizes PCD bolt patterns and other details. Based on your stock wheel setup, your new wheel will have. The measurements are usually pretty easy with the rim off the car, and it is always best to start with these numbers as guidelines. distance = (currentInsideWidth-newInsideWidth); //-->.

var w2 = 205

You can usually find the offset engraved or stamped into the wheel. background: #e1e1e1;

Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator - Calculate/Compare Wheel Offset and Backspace Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator will help you to find the wheel offset and the backspace, the important measurements for positioning the wheel/tyre assembly inside the wheel well. Enter the Rim Tire Width on your wheel. if (Math.round(newOutsideWidth-currentOutsideWidth)>0) { Once you have done that, measure the distance from the floor to the straight edge. function reset(form){ It will also prevent accidents from happening due to a blowout or handling troubles. var inc = i2 - i; Use this calculator to determine the effect of changing your wheel width and offset. It can cause the inner edge of the wheel to rub with the suspension. form.width.value = ""; var sp9 = 90 + (pr * 0.9); var pr = (1 - (mm/mm2)) * 100; } They MUST NOT be the same.Always use difference between original front and rear tires as reference! padding:2px; border:#ccc 1px solid; If you have a -(minus) offset,the wheel will no doubt have a bigger dish and will sit more proud of the wheel arch. var i2 = mm2/25.4; – Check brake caliper clearance. Use our wheel offset calculator to see what fits your build. var d = dt + 12

to width in mm form.speedo6.value = sp60; First enter your current wheel width and offset. Smallest number from the largest.

In your three-wheel diagram above you don’t indicate which side the car is on, making it confusing. Make sure your breaks fit in your new wheels. Then the Offset in Millimeters (mm).Offset can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. out +="the outside edge of the wheel will ";

var wt = (form.width.options.selectedIndex) Using the correct wheel widths and an appropriate tyre size is incredibly important. newWidth = form.NWW.value * 25.4; var wt2 = (form.width2.options.selectedIndex) Negative offset: The mounting face is at the back of the wheel, quite the opposite to positive offset. .TFtable tr:nth-child(even){ Cheers! var mmc = mm2 - mm; So, be safe and have your wheels correctly offset. If you can’t read the ET of your wheels or it isn’t printed, it is possible to measure it yourself. /* provide some minimal visual accomodation for IE8 and below */ function compute(form) } But, more importantly, getting it wrong can cause major disasters. My 2014 Subaru Crosstrek has 7×17″ wheels with +48mm offset and I want to find out if I can use Subaru Legacy GT wheels of same size & width, but they have a +55mm offset ? var sp90 = Math.round(sp9); // all variables set, calculate total diameter in mm and inches var w = 195 form.perchange.value = pr; else { } Depending on how the tyre sits, you can have positive, negative or zero offset. // get Index for wheel width and offset So, always take into consideration the tyre width where the contact is made with the wheel when you are choosing wheel sizes. For example, even if the ET value is 30 (ET30) for both a 9-inch and a 6-inch wheel, the larger wheel will stick out further.

Tyre Size to Compare Diameter Circumference Suggested Rim Width Front Size. Zero offset: Known, by definition, as “ET 0”, this type of wheel ET means the mounting surface is in line with the centre of the wheel. // get Index for Wheel Diameter form.time.value = out; var dt = (form.diameter.options.selectedIndex) Hello Doug, I think you made an excellent point! You will find this type of wheel ET in rear-wheel drive cars, especially powerful ones. form.diameter.value = ""; WheelPCD.co.uk - your first choice wheel information data source.

var w = 145 + wt * 10 /* Define the background color for all the ODD background rows */ Next click the calculate … .TFtable{ The Opel Manta wheel ET Offset calculator lets you visualise offsets with different wheel widths and ET.

Offset (ET), Wheels & Roll Perimeter Calculator } // get Index for Aspect The measured distance From the rear mounting face of the wheel which sits against your hub To the dead center line of the wheel.Thats it, that measurement is your offset. You will see, that a red wheel is your new wheel and it moves under the vehicle by 7mm. Fixing that would go a long way in helping clarify your explanation. out += "RETRACT "; // now the difference calculations

var currentOffset="";

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