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Yup, this is the plot. Lwaxana Troi sighs and "scans" the room with her mind, then eyes Quark suspiciously, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ménage à Troi. "[1], Jamahl Epsicokhan gave the episode a mixed review for Jammer's Review, writing "'The Forsaken,' much like 'The Storyteller' and 'The Passenger,' highlights how DS9 can deliver with character insight and development almost every time, even when the plotline fails to be remotely compelling." We have been honoured with a visit by a delegation of Federation ambassadors on a fact-finding mission to the wormhole. 0 = Painfully bad! Come to one of mine, I'll make sure that all the guests are there to entertain you. Schließlich kommt es zu einer Explosion im Bereich der Turboliftschächte gerade in dem Moment als sich Constable Odo allein mit einer Botschafterin in einem der dadurch gestoppten Turbolifte befindet. Odo thanks Lwaxana for her company, telling her that can't have been what she intended for their picnic. The crew attempt to transfer the alien life form's files off the station, but something goes awry and a plasma surge creates a fire that endangers Bashir and the ambassadors. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Main Title (uncredited) Written by Dennis McCarthy Performed by Dennis McCarthy See more » All is well, . The Forsaken The A-plot, B-plot, and C-plot are all uninteresting, The best thing about this episode is we learn more about Odo, but it’s all stuff we could pick up on easy enough later if this episode is skipped, …The crew comes up with more puppy analogies…, …And Bashir learns someone’s first name. Then several malfunctions appear, leaving Odo and Lwaxana Troi trapped in a turbolift. Arnoud Tiele ( "The Forsaken" is the 17th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I never use this hair without it. Fortunately I have just the officer to take them off my hands. She may not be the easiest person in the world to deal with, but some people are worth the effort. Yes. Odo: 3 = Good! Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. ", "I guess you could say I was the life of the party." For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. (Although the look on Kira’s face when she realizes that Bashir saved the day is priceless, and a particularly good example of how great Nana Visitor is with facial expressions. The characters work, but the story lacks originality. Commander Sisko is forced to make conversation, but saved when a mysterious probe comes through the wormhole. Kira and the others continue to try to get into the corridor while O'Brien prepares to set his plan into action. Und diese Botschafterin ist niemand anderes als Lwaxana Troi, die mal wieder auf der Suche nach einem Mann ist… (, The scene in which Odo transforms into his liquid state and slinks into Lwaxana Troi's lap tasked Visual Effects Supervisor, The stardate of this episode actually places "The Forsaken" after ", The events to which Lwaxana refers, involving the, A running gag concerning Lwaxana Troi's love interests recurs here. ", "Procreation does not require changing how you smell, or writing bad poetry, or sacrificing various plants to serve as tokens of affection. Odo begins to seriously consider risking the exposed circuit…. The Forsaken (sh. ", "You are dealing with a daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed!" It appears to contain a computer program which Chief O'Brien transfers to DS9. The ambassadors pester him in every way imaginable; he cannot please them no matter how hard he tries. He sets up a special program through which all station commands can be performed, transferring the "puppy" into the doghouse. Odo is able to find the culprit and suddenly Troi is very interested in him, romantically. In this episode, Dr. Julian Bashir is assigned "babysitting" duty for four visiting ambassadors, Chief Miles O'Brien deals with an alien computer program downloaded from a probe, and Odo copes with a deeply infatuated Lwaxana Troi. Lwaxana Troi: Sisko agrees to allow O’Brien to “keep the puppy.”, Reviewing the episode for The A.V. "Yes, and I know where it hurts the most, you little troll! O'Brien finally decides to build a "doghouse" within the computer for their little lost puppy. Containing it solves their problems. Quark claims his establishment is not responsible for lost or stolen items, but the Betazoid seizes his lobe and demands that everyone in the room be strip-searched until her brooch is found. Now I want this room sealed, and I want everyone in it strip-searched until you find my brooch! ", Odo cannot shapeshift out due to exposed electric circuits running through the turbolift's positioning mechanisms, so he is forced to put up with Lwaxana while the chief attempts to remedy whatever is going wrong. Upon emerging, they call him a hero. 1 = Bad. (Although the look on Kira’s face when she realizes that Bashir saved the day is priceless, and a particularly good example of how great Nana Visitor is with facial expressions. Here we go, File under: Majel Barrett (Chapel/Lwaxana). Later, Lwaxana comes to Odo’s office to flirt with him.   |  Title: Odo is uncomfortable with her attention, and escapes on a pretext. While trying to repair the station's systems, O'Brien discovers that the computer is less hostile to him than usual, but it seems to break down whenever he is away from it. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Dax and Kira infer that the information downloaded from the alien probe is a non-sentient life form, which has attached itself to O'Brien like a puppy. Meanwhile, a mysterious probe-like vessel comes through the Wormhole. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Sisko tells him to "keep it off the furniture. Michael Piller (created by), Meanwhile, O'Brien is totally frustrated with the Cardassian computer. He added, "What doesn't work here is the completely routine computer-induced mania and its predictable wrap-up, and the unnecessary imperilment of Bashir and the ambassadors in the lackluster finale. Meanwhile, Odo passes by the group on his way to Sisko's office and complains to the commander about Lwaxana's advances (like a Wanoni tracehound), but Sisko is unable to help him. "Ah, so now you take the same perverse pleasure in doing it to me." Played mostly for humor. The characters work, but the story lacks originality. ", "You are the thin, beige line between order and chaos. ", "Constable, you can handle thieves and killers, but not one Betazoid woman?" At the end of the episode, Lwaxana flirts one last time before walking off, and for once, the sight didn’t make me flinch. "You are not at all what I expected." She takes off her wig and tells him no one has ever seen her that way either. Sisko refuses, telling the young officer that he himself had to do the same and in fact Curzon took a perverse pleasure in giving him the unwelcome duty of escorting important guests… until the day Ben punched one of them for trying to force a young ensign into his quarters. 1 of 2 people found this review helpful. The Forsaken Stardate: 46925.1 Original Airdate: 24 May, 1993. Meanwhile, O'Brien is totally frustrated with the Cardassian computer. No. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. Club, Zack Handlen wrote, "In her way, Lwaxana is as much a misfit as Odo, whether by her choosing, or else by some fundamental aspect of her personality that drives her to make her choices.

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