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Despite this upgrade, Octavius is still unable to defeat Terrax until he is able to change the frequency of the latter's axe and trick him into taking it back, causing a feedback which shocks Terrax unconscious. [162], The Ultimate Marvel version of Doctor Octopus is younger, more muscular, and wears sunglasses to disguise scars from the accident that fused him to his metal arms. Once he emerged from the vat the clone was inside, Otto had his tentacles returned to him by the Jackal, who was secretly the owner of New U Technologies, and became Doctor Octopus once again. [volume & issue needed] He is later killed by a transformed le Pym's giant foot. After the battle, Anna agreed to allow Otto to continue his hero career, but only if she were his chaperone. When Peter Parker refused the deal, the Superior Octopus had Hydra agents blow up the London branch of Parker Industries. Unknown to Octavius, Peter's memories managed to survive the deletion. ")[9][11] Later depictions revealed him in Peter Parker's body where he was the titular character from 2013-2014. His legs are crippled and withered, and he travels in a wheelchair with six long metal claw-like tentacles sticking out. Octavius then quotes "What have I done..."[123] After initiating his base's self-destruct sequence to slow down the Inheritors, the Superior Octopus states that they still should have killed the Inheritors while they had the chance. One such person impressed by this was a scientist named Mary Alice Anders, and the two soon dated. Octopus still possessed Parker's memories and they motivated him to protect May from Normie. Peter escaped, and defeats Octavius. However, the employment of Anna Maria, who quickly deduced who "Elliot" really was, complicated matters, but she (reluctantly) gives him a chance to redeem himself. However, this led to the fearsome Inheritors managing to hack his systems and create new bodies for themselves. Furious over this and Peter's mismanagement of Parker Industries, Otto easily defeated the intruders but was approached by Arnim Zola, who offered an alliance in order to take down Parker Industries. Using the Web of Life and Destiny, Doctor Octopus throws Spider-Man of Earth-44145 back to his world. The remaining spiders returned to Karn, arguing what to do with the Inheritors, dividing opinions and causing a discussion. His current harness is made of a titanium-steel-niobium alloy mixture that is dense, but lightweight in composition. He had only done so right before Norman attacked, meaning this Otto hadn't received the character development that made him capable to let Peter return to being Spider-Man. [46], While hiding in a plant that was owned by the villain Fusion, Octavius was apparently forced to work for Fusion in helping him recover the 'John Hancock' satellite, once used to find nuclear weapons but now capable of finding potentially radioactive superhumans such as the Hulk or Spider-Man. Fearing Parker would cast hi… Those in Jotunheim persuaded the Superior Spider-Man to focus on protecting Earth. [34], During the "Secret Wars" storyline, Doctor Octopus was taken to the Beyonder's Battleworld, where he fought a horde of heroes and plotted against Doctor Doom for the leadership of the group of villains. The accident also seemingly damaged his brain (although it was later suggested that what was interpreted as brain damage was, in fact, his mind rewiring itself to accommodate four extra limbs[16]), and the scientist turned to a life of crime, first taking the hospital hostage and calling himself "Doctor Octopus" from the derogatory name that his co-workers had given him. to help give you the best experience we can. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Shocked that he hurt his mother, and to please her, Otto broke off the engagement with Mary Alice. Otto asked why Spider-Man would trust him, causing Peter to respond that he had been inside Otto's head and knew he was not all-bad. [94] The Superior Spider-Man finds himself facing the full force of the Goblin Underground since the possession of the Venom symbiote 31 days ago. As Octavius's last memories fade, it is shown he had really fallen in love with Anna Maria, much to Peter's surprise. All rights reserved. Peter later discovers that Norman rigged the machines Octavius was using to make it appear that he was the clone. They would have to go to New York City, since the Asgardian magic is interfering with America's powers. When he awakens, he is being treated by Anna Maria, who decides that she will help Otto be a real hero but if he ever returns to his Doctor Octopus persona, she will have him arrested or worse. Lee, Stan (w), Ditko, Steve (p), Ditko, Steve (i). Getting a confession from him, Superior Spider-Man reveals to Modell about the Norman Osborn of Earth-44145, who operates as the Spider-Man of his reality. He designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled via a brain–computer interface to assist him with his research into atomic physics. His genius in radiation is so exceptional that he was once called upon by Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to offer his expertise when the Invisible Woman suffered from complications during her second pregnancy as a result of the cosmic radiation that had given the team their powers. Doctor Octopus appears as the leader of the, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 21:23. [45], Doctor Octopus was taken to Ryker's Island and was drugged and brainwashed to kill the Green Goblin. Otto transferred his consciousness into the Proto Clone, leaving his cloned body to decay into dust.[21]. Otto considers himself to be the smartest person on the planet and that he could never be wrong due to his massive intellect. Spider-Man is eventually able to take control of Octavius's planned network, forcing Octavius to flee while vowing revenge. custody, Nick Fury melts Doctor Octopus' mechanical arms in front of him and instructs the guards to watch the melting mechanism for at least an hour afterwards to make sure the arms would not try to escape. [121], During the "Spider-Geddon" storyline, the Superior Octopus is seen fighting the Night Shift. See more ideas about Spider, Spiderman, Superior octopus. The arms allow Octavius to move rapidly over any terrain and to scale vertical surfaces and ceilings. Returning to the real world, Octavius rejoices from his belief that he is free and has achieved victory over Spider-Man. [100] As the crisis unfolds, Octavius takes command of a group of alternate Spider-Men, considering himself particularly qualified to lead them due to his unique nature and willingness to kill,[volume & issue needed] but when his team is confronted by another group led by the Peter Parker of Earth-616 – who Octavius presumes is a past Peter as he cannot contemplate the possibility that he will fail- he is forced to concede to Peter's leadership when Peter defeats him in a fight, Peter stating that killing Morlun and the Inheritors is not the answer, as they will just come back, and they need a new plan. When Octavius attempts to access Spider-Man's memories (because Octavius can only view memories that were looked at before the delete), Peter is shown lifting the 'rocks' off himself from the mental battle. [137], Doctor Octopus has also employed an armored body suit enabling him to breathe underwater and designed to withstand extreme water pressure. The Superior Octopus agrees to spare them more pain in exchange for the Night Shift becoming his agents, where he will compensate them from his own funds. But I had to figure out how to do that". [40] Upon his resurrection, it was revealed that he now had no knowledge of Spider-Man's identity, as the memories he gained came from a computer chip provided by Carolyn Trainer, and the memory of Spider-Man's identity had not been recorded at the time of his death. Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Warenrücksendungen und Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufswagen. Doctor Octopus later experiments with Spectro and plans to put him into a cloned body. [52], In his desperate attempts to prolong his life, Octavius reforms the Sinister Six, wishing to acquire Menace's unborn son, hoping to synthesize a pure strain of the Goblin Serum,[53] only to be thwarted again by the efforts of Spider-Man and the guilty conscience of the Lizard,[54] reigniting his bitterness towards his foe, but gaining a grudging acknowledgment of his abilities. Now, CBR is taking a closer look at how Doc Ock transformed from a villain into Superior Spider-Man and the Superior Octopus. With the fight over, Octavius returns the Power Cosmic back to the machine and passes out. And I want him to have a couple of extra arms just for fun'. [116], In the Age of Ultron reality of Earth-61112 where the evil AI robot Ultron returned to Earth and annihilated humanity and a majority of the world's superheroes, it was revealed that sometime prior to Ultron's conquest, the events of Dying Wish had still occurred, as Peter Parker is revealed to be Otto Octavius. He initially claims to have a psychic link with his metal arms, demonstrated by controlling them remotely. When the Jackal enters the laboratory, Anna Maria reveals she knows how to stop the decaying process on the clones and the Jackal offers her the "Proto-Clone" body in exchange for the formula. Fictional character in the Marvel Universe, This article is about the first Doctor Octopus, Otto Octavius. Having learned that he was 'destined' to be replaced by Peter Parker, Octavius attempted to attack the multiversal web to 'save' himself from his destiny, claiming that he was giving the spiders the 'gift' of free will, but the Earth-616 spiders were able to defeat him as their surviving allies returned to their home dimensions. Before he departed, Octavius issued a time-delayed message to the Anna Maria program, intended to activate 100 days after he returned to his home time, but upon his return to his time, his memory of his time with the Spider-Army is erased, allowing history to unfold as it should. When the Jackal started to broadcast the signal worldwide,[19] Otto continued to fight him even as their bodies began to break down. This also meant that while he remembered being a hero, he now associated more with villainy, just as he did before the initial mind-swap. However, Otto managed to activate the robot's self-destruction and escape through his Octobot body.[9]. Octavius claims that, since he now holds the physical might and the good values embodied by Spider-Man but also the boundless ambition and the scientific mindframe of Doctor Octopus, he will surpass the "Amazing Spider-Man", becoming a "Superior Spider-Man". [16], When Spectro infiltrated New U in order to help his girlfriend Silk uncover what was going on, Doctor Octopus captured him and conducted an experiment on him, implanting his ghost into a cloned body.[17]. [105] Following the events of Spider-Verse, Otto Octavius had backed up his consciousness in one of his gauntlets (the Superior Spider-Man's web-shooters) that slept for 100 days using the technology he acquired from 2099. Now an ally of the Jackal, Doctor Octopus receives the special New U Pills to prevent his body from suffering clone degeneration. [111] With Spider-Man trapped in his tentacles, Doctor Octopus tells him that he is not a clone or a hologram, but the real Otto Octavius. how doctor octopus became the superior octopus Unsurprisingly, Otto didn't stay dead, since he backed up his consciousness into his robotic assistant Living Brain. Octavius is beating Osborn senseless until his other former ally Electro intervenes and shocks Octavius with a bolt of electricity, knocking him out. This quiet and genuinely noble act seemed to be his last as Otto's mind faded away, seemingly gone once and for all. … [29], Doctor Octopus later attempted to hijack an atomic submarine. First time ever drawing Superior Ock. After his resurrection, Otto would give Ben to Jennix feast on him in order to acquire his knowledge about the cloning tubes.

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