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In his game there are two ending, one, the sad ending, is where he commits suicide as well. Credit to Kazdam.

WlLL_R for the Wallpaper.

Dr_Aldra is an important member of the Tribe and is a Deity Relativist. The player quit ROBLOX after sharing this experience with a few friends. YUCK0 is a clown and has ties with G0Z. Since the user Lezus there have been many void cultist. The last time he was online was on November 18th, 2018, where he invited two guests to his masquerade. The Chairman is hand picked by the Myth King himself, and is given special administrative privileges. These players are thought to actually know who Noli is. Clearance V Personnel are the most seasoned of all members in the Foundation, they are the hand picked High Ranks of their department. All wiki staff members will be open to helping answer any questions you may have pertaining to RM, the wiki, and its contents. He relied on his parents to cheer him up. Read all available information on your favorite myths by clicking here! If you are new to the wiki and have a lot of questions, you can typically find wiki staff in the RM Discord, just look out for their role. Like the Cole Family they are void cultist, and were before the Coles. What is a myth? Other requirements call for minimal free models, and a unique story, and not a common myth trope. Confused and uncomfortable, they left the server. Where all myths can make themselves at home! They are granted admin at the Containment Facility, and unrestricted access to anywhere in the Facility. The home page has gotten a long needed update, where the layout In 1977 and or around that time he had murdered two of his friends, Edward and Lisa Rose. This rank is given only to the RM Bot, which is coded by crowIess. Many of them believed that myths were hackers or anomalies, if not real people. Carol was given pajamas with cute bunnies and clowns on the day of his birth. MrFlimFlam, also known as Flamingo or Albert, is a popular Roblox YouTube channel who has an ongoing series about Roblox Myths called "The Dark Side of Roblox". The user turned his computer off and rebooted, and he was still in the place. His story is his mom committed suicide and he became homeless.

Just For Fun Video Games Woggire Roblox Myth Roblox How Much Would Woggire Like You just a quick thing i threw together.

He was terminated because of exploiting. Supervisors are the large moderation body of the Foundation, in charge of rule enforcement, discord moderation, and hosting group-wide events. However the Myth King will always hold the group. Once he did, police reports show 3 dead family members, murdered by him. SaintDasXII is the tribe leader and most known member.

[[[Welcome to ROBLOX Myths Group. She mostly affiliates with the Foundation but also serves as a High Command in the Myth Hunting Unity lead by Universities (Stefano).

BobbyCult is the most mysterious member and watches players from a distance. 60.

He is known as a drunk and is rude to everyone including G0Z. A render of G0Z, one of the most popular myths on Roblox, "When hunting a myth, it isn't to find who made it, but why it was made." Should the player continue playing they will receive a PM from G0Z about an appointment, and if the player attends the appointment the account will vanish afterward and the avatar will remain in the game as a corpse.

Roblox's Myths is a group on Roblox owned by creamofcrab with 272951 members.

It is said he has been terminated over 50 times. He proceeds to track them. Billy is a circus worker who has ties with G0Z. G0Z (real name Annie Holmes) is a classic myth and is one of, if not the largest myth on ROBLOX.G0Z first gained traction in 2014 through his game, where myth hunters' corpses would periodically be added to the game itself.

Though no one knows for sure, some player claim to have seen hangman as well and have given out other sets of numbers to Myth Hunters, who are still decoding them. So he unplugged the computer, plugged it back in, and he was still in the place. And from there, they weren't heard from again. ― Activvity A myth is a story, specifically one that is unique to the social game platform Roblox. Edison is the fourth member and void cultist.

If you are new to not just this wiki, but wikia in general, then I suggest you check these tutorials on the basics of editing wikis. The rest of the Honorary Rank, consist of famous members and/or specially recognized personnel, who may directly have contributed to RM.

Not much is known about Haha, but he is friends with G0Z and was terminated at some point. Eventually this led to unjust bans. ", as anyone could be a Myth. Myths have been around for most of Roblox's history. We've added a new section,

Additionally, all Council Members get mod or admin in the discord, depending on their status and trust level, and also get admin in the Facility if they did not already have it. John wears a Baseball Cap while Jane has Pinktastic Hair and a "girlier" torso. Vourned is a popular Roblox myth who was created earlier this year in February of 2018. Speedy2662, also known as Speedy, Carlito, or Adam, is Albert's editor and YouTuber who investigates myths with Albert.

Continuing to finish the puzzle will lead everyone’s account in the server to be terminated. Roblox's Myths Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They contribute their time and effort to delivering you great content, fun features, and the group you call home. Credit to Kazdam.
Jess is the seventh member and void cultist. They gain access to Block B unrestricted. having at one point been on the front page.

He is also kidnapped by Ulifer and is one of the children that was not taken to Shadelight by the white demon. All Honorary HRs are put into the Hall of Fame, and given wiki files. Myths are not limited to just these styles and it is typically the mark of a unique and interesting myth if it does not pertain to any style altogether.

She was once a Myth Expert in Robloxian Myth Hunters, but then quit mid-summer. Myth hunting revolves around the premise of "hunting" (another term for "investigating") Roblox myths. 1ik is a popular independent Myth Hunter and Youtuber not associated with any myth hunting groups, Taphies is a myth hunter. Not much is known about him because there is not much in his inventory or story.

Not much is known about Orenen except for his place which he invites many of his friends to. Which eventually spread all around. Clearance II Personnel are newcomers to departments, but have begun their journey in the foundation, and chosen a department to call their home. He was bullied for his girly name. Art, ThreeBlindMicee is the brother of HickoryDoc and is the fifth converted child in the Nursery Myths family.

HumpteeDumptee is the second-eldest son in the Nursery Myths family. His accomplishments include having the most visited M genre game on the site, with The Circus In the Sky! Elliot is the third member and a void cultist. Popular. New Home Page, Affiliates, and Rebranded Wiki,

They gain access to Block C unrestricted. Vourned is a popular Roblox myth who was created earlier this year in February of 2018. If you were unlucky enough to meet him in-game, he would always say "Hey, come to my place!".
Rumors have it that numerous people have disappeared because of this user. Robbie is the first member of the Cole Family, a void cult who worships Noli.

He lures children to his game "paradise" and brings them to his game, asylum. Within the darkest corners of Roblox, lie the most abnormal, mysterious, and deadly myths and creatures you could possibly imagine. Dr_Tempest is also an important member and Deity Relativist. Myths such as G0Z, Lezus, and many more showed up during this decade. detail later. "Tick tock, tick tock, revenge has come." "Noli shall crush you!" He is connected to G0Z because in G0Z's place "The Circus in The Sky" written in blood on the wall is "Orenen is Watching". HickoryDoc is the older brother of ThreeBlindMicee and is the fourth converted child in the Nursery Myths family. Carol (Jewk's actual name) was born a "healthy and happy baby." Kazdam is in many myth hunting groups and ranks highly in all of them due to his reputation. the Affilitations section, which will be gone into more

Three years ago, a user found a place called "You belong here", out of curiosity, the user entered the server. He is a fan of the YouTuber, Flamingo, but more recently his personality changed from happy to a more serious tone. C5 requires you obtain either the rank of Commissioner in Security, the rank of Commander in Task Force, or the rank of Chief Inspector in the Intelligence Agency. also woggire is a roblox myth. There is no such thing as a 'fake' or 'real' myth. Roblox's Myths (also known as the RM Foundation or RM) is the group owned by SenseiViny and also the second most popular and debatably the most professional myth hunting group to date.

the way that they interact and move in-game).

On several occasions, both siblings have been seen to wave at hunters and follow them around. Not much is known about HenryXII, but he is friends with the other Tribe members and is part of the Council. He was banned, adding further into the mystery, and chances there might not be an end to his game. Since his termination there have been many people who worship Noli. These stories, if done properly, are told in a coherent, thorough, yet also mysterious method that is uncovered through rigorous investigation.’s_Myths?oldid=58513, Many members of Roblox's Myths help out with this wiki, such as. He is friends with Myth Hunters and have been seen to investigate myths from time to time. This page is about the group Roblox's Myths group on Roblox. Mallorina was yet to make a return.

Be warned, some content on this wiki can be Disturbing. Currently, John and Jane Doe both wear a ROBLOX jacket and black jeans. His wife,however, was happy.

This page is a summary of the group, for more information, please see their own wiki. Group myths and family myths are exceptions to this.

Documented Myths are above and beyond, they are very interesting, have gained a lot of attention from hunters.

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