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16 Oct msr iraq

Sgt. Camp The

From 6 pm to 6 am I slept. Again, no big deal. the Battalion habitually supported the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). I couldn’t help it; I had to vent some of my animosity or I was about to lose control of myself. The There were potholes the size of VW bugs and rebars ready to defeat any tire that got in its way. I learned to love my Army family even more. In preparation I swear I saw people up in the windows with AK 47’s looking down at us but I just didn’t know if it was me just imagining things. Company D remaining in Al Busayyah to clear remaining enemy equipment. He pointed to the ground in front of his face. The first big road construction project was to construct an ammunition I know Keown still does. the 101st troops left Fort Campbell, the 20th began its own preparations Sorensen was really rattled when he got back to the truck; he had tears in his eyes he was so shaken. area. We are taking MSR Tampa to Camp Cedar, then cutting over to MSR Jackson up to BIAP (Bagdad International Air Port). Marla Keown | 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad | Camp Scania. and to clear and destroy the weapons and munitions in the town of Al Bussayyah. He was close to my youngest brother’s age. Sgt. It passed the rear gun truck. engineer support. The road was just desert dirt. It was a Main Supply Route that truck drivers would use to get to just about anywhere in Iraq. I do remember wondering if that man with the weird weapon I saw earlier in the day had anything to do with the shots being fired at me at that point in time. Shield. At the front of the convoy were big HETs (, If you want to learn more about the Second Battle of Fallujah, click. Yesterday was the longest day ever. slowed traffic to a near standstill while they completed the bypass route. We loaded up and Ellis said, “Damn. at Camp Beacon Hill and remained there for about two weeks.

At least for the first forty miles. The 20th Engineer Battalion was also tasked to cut access through the On G-Day, rather than moving at 0400 as planned, the Battalion could At G-2, 22 February 1991, the Battalion moved about 10 miles to be in position to launch the attack into Iraq on the MSR Texas extension. Kristin Daniel | 2nd Platoon, 4th Squad | Mission to Anaconda. I don’t think they understood. The Battalion also upgraded Commander, he asked to be absolved from the mission of clearing the town. also built a road system around the base camp which was suitable for running, normal support channels through the division. I want everything to be simple and easy. 326th Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division; 588th Engineer Battalion; Airfield to be welcomed by the families and the 101st Airborne Division He was screaming. When Swensen and I talk I feel thoughtful and like I know myself and my mind.

The July 17, 2004 – Our convoy left Navistar at 0430 this morning.

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