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16 Oct layer cake ending

( Log Out /  Fucking. The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies, 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies, The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz, 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory. The film’s not brilliant, but it’s very watchable and it’s got a pretty damn good ending. Like most crime movies, we see the cycle of power shift, and how easily the bottom can fall out from the top. XXXX is openly contemptuous of the dumb-ass wannabe gangsters who boast of their accomplishments with flashy crap that just draws attention, like yellow Range Rovers, and for good reason. Later, his friends kill the couriers and take the ecstasy back. The Duke: Don't you fucking talk to me like I'm some kind of mug. In the overhead shot the gun is pointing in one direction; in subsequent shots it is pointing the other way. All rights reserved. Layer Cake has one of the most awesome openings of all time.Alternate ending 1 (happy): He gets in the car with the girl and drives away. Fairly Redundant Spoiler Alert: This post contains major spoilers for the film Layer Cake. The movie ends with him bleeding on the steps... Continuity mistake: When XXXX is awakened by Dragan's phone call, there is a gun lying on his pillow. He reels off everyone who has died in this entire ordeal, and notes that his name “won’t be added to that list.” And in his final line, he breaks the fourth wall to remind the audience that he never even revealed his name, just to emphasize how clever he is. His work here tones down Ritchie’s style for something a bit more subdued, while still maintaining his own hyper-masculine and immersive tone. 7 years ago. Don't you fucking talk to me like that.XXXX: Duke, don't take this personally. 0 0. jose. Question: Why is there a 4 in place of an 'a' on the title? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Posted on April 22, 2010.Filed under: Editorial | Tags: cool movie endings, daniel craig, layer cake, matthew vaughn | This new feature will allow me to elaborate on endings to films that I think are especially interesting. All 11 songs from the Layer Cake (2004) movie soundtrack, with scene descriptions. Please.XXXX: Now just because you pay a fiver a pop down the local cattle market, don't, for fuck's sake, think these pills are worth millions. It’s the same reason XXXX was able to get the jump on Eddie, the mob boss played here by Michael Gambon. There's a happier alternate ending? ( Log Out /  [Hangs up.]. Layer Cake Ending. Listen to and download the music, ost, score, list of songs and trailers. XXXX decides to not retire, following Eddie Temple's words on how he's just getting started in the business. He underestimated his enemy, even though in this case his enemy was a nervous and non-threatening looking kid. What the heck happens? They're not. Cleverly placed. This new feature will allow me to elaborate on endings to films that I think are especially interesting. Our anonymous coke slinging protagonist, XXXX (a pre-Bond Daniel Craig), lectures the audience on his own brilliance in both the first and last scenes of the film. How does that sound? It's hard work.The Duke: Oh, you'd give a fucking aspirin a headache pal. XXXX on the other hand is as cool as a cucumber, and seems to have meticulously planned his escape from the drug world down to the last detail.

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