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16 Oct horror ghost movie 2020

The set-up is fairly familiar (Rear Window, Fright Night,Disturbia, etc.) Will humans never learn? Completed. 94 min Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, Anton Vasilev, Not Rated Vince Vaughn, Stars: Ronen Rubinstein, Stars: Winslow Fegley, R After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is. | Director: David Bruckner Doesn't reinvent any wheels, but there's no need for startling originality here.Where to watch it: VOD platforms, of course, Release date: May 7Cast: Keegan Connor Tracy, Stephen McHattie, Jett KlyneDirector: Brandon Chrlstensen (Still/Born)Why it's good: The premise might sound a little reminiscent of the fantastic Australian import The Babadook -- a young boy discovers an "imaginary friend" who causes all sorts of horrific trouble -- but this clever little chiller manages to forge some of its own ground, thanks in part to some great performances and a few very well-crafted jolts.Where to watch it: Shudder, Release date: August 21Cast: Jim Schubin, Chloe Carroll, Mike SuttonDirector: Phillip G. Carroll Jr.Why it's good: A young couple agree to a social experiment in which that euphoric feeling of "first love" is replicated -- and of course several things go wrong in very disturbing fashion. Charlie Heaton, Sang-ho Yeon Elisabeth Moss, 93 min Alice Krige, David Lawrence Brown, All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. | 92 min 90 min Stars: | The Haunting of Bly Manor is a heartbreaking ghost story, that explores love and loss, and suggests the invisibility of mental illnesses and psychological trauma. | Moss plays horror author Shirley Jackson ("The Lottery"), who is clearly very talented yet also plainly stunted in the department of social graces. Paco Plaza Stars: Director: The film starred Deborah Kerr, who played the governess, named Miss Giddens. Director: Director: Completed. Chacha Huang, Drama, Horror, Western. Now, the two will have another go at it in Halloween Kills—which producer Jason Blum is hyping as “the 2018 movie on speed.”. Osmany Rodriguez Fantasy, Horror, Mystery. A crew of oceanic researchers working for a deep sea drilling company try to get to safety after a mysterious earthquake devastates their deepwater research and drilling facility located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. HAGER (2020)Score: 6.66/10 IMDB: 7.9/10Available: PosterDirector:Kevin KopackaStars: Frederik von Lüttichau, Jürgen F. Schmid, Kevin Kopacka, Nura Habib Omer, Anna Heidegger, 5). But of course the "monster" could actually be his own fears and insecurities... or something even worse. | Comedy, Horror, Thriller. These movies were so disturbing that they are banned in many countries. I specialize in European cinema, in. This densely layered and visually stunning Bollywood import plays a little like the classic Japanese film Audition; both deal with the intentional repression and overt abuse of women -- and the inevitable, furious response when a woman is pushed too far.Where to watch it: Netflix, Release date: August 14Cast: Oksana Akinshina, Fedor Bondarchuk, Pyotr FyodorovDirector: Egor AbramenkoWhy it's good: A Russian cosmonaut returns home after a mysterious disaster occurs, and it seems like he's brought a biological stowaway with him. | | Stars: Sheila Vand, Broil follows a dysfunctional family of demons vying to control the future of their wealth. Just when the family is at their most desperate, a mysterious new maid arrives to lend a hand. Yancy Butler, Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Taylor John Smith, Karina Kolokolchykova, | Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path. money-grabbing outing, we’re usually left wishing they had stayed in the grave, or wherever spooky big-bads go when they’re defeated. Alex Hafner, | Stars: Action, Drama, Horror. Director: Timely, confrontational, and sure to be at least a little bit divisive, I found it altogether fascinating.Where to watch it: VOD, Release date: July 30Cast: Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise WebbDirector: Rob SavageWhy it's good: A group of young friends gather on Zoom to hold a fun little seance -- only of course they manage to awaken something horrific, and can only watch as each member of the group is attacked by something unseen. Jessica De Gouw, PG-13 | John Lee Horror, Thriller. Completed. | Jordan Peele + horror is already a virtual guarantee of best-of-the-year quality at this point. But when the owners, an elderly couple, come home early, the tables are suddenly turned. Il Cho It's the simple story of two couples who briefly share a beach house, only to discover that something truly terrible has recently flopped out of the ocean. | Joel Courtney, Nick Robinson, Maggie Q, Dong-Won Gang, Emily Mortimer, Shin-Hye Park, 139,707 I am a film historian, interested in the history and theory of cinema, as well as the technology behind the making of films. THE HOUSE OF SHADOWS Trailer (2020) Ghost Horror PLOT: A woman visits the mysterious house she has inherited, hoping to learn more about the deaths of her mother and sister. This is an excellent, powerful, sobering horror film from Guatemala, and easily one of the finest genre imports of the year.Where to watch it: Shudder, Release date: March 20Cast: Ivan Massagué, Antonia San Juan, Zorion EguileorDirector: Galder Gaztelu-UrrutiaWhy it's good: A man awakens in a cell with a stranger, and their only sustenance arrives by way of a massive "platform" that arrives daily. 92 min Need help finding something to watch? Amanda Seyfried, | | | Marcus Dunstan Michael Hough, R | Stars: Maggie Q, Bren Foster, R | | The films listed below include recent horror movies; including movies currently showing in movie theaters ranked in order of best to worst. It's about an old woman who goes missing for a few days, and the ways in which her daughter and granddaughter deal with the mysterious event.Where to watch it: Theaters and VOD, Release date: August 7Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Chris MessinaDirector:Amy SeimetzWhy it's good: Fair warning right out of the gate: this is one of those "artsy," vague, weird horror movies that spends as much time on mood, color, and setting than it does on actual plot. This is a strange one, but it's also quietly compelling and very creepy.Where to watch it: VOD, Release date: June 4Cast: Myung-Min Kim, In-kwon Kim, Hyeri LeeDirector: Jong-ho HuhWhy it's good: Imagine Bong Joon Ho's The Host were set in the 16th century, and you're probably already adding this fantastic genre concoction to your mental viewing queue. Vincent Cassel, In other words: the husband has been possessed by some sort of body-claiming demon that forces him to do terrible things. You can find Possessor (2020) in Horror, Thriller, and Sci-Fi movie genres. Robert Ri'chard, The series has so far divided critics. | 101 min Action, Horror, Thriller. Director: | Mary J. Blige, Wells story gets a modern remake that somehow avoids all the problems that have plagued similar films. Comedy, Horror, Thriller. Harriet Dyer, Director: Stars: A man crash lands in rural Appalachia and awakens in the attic of a traditional Hoodoo practitioner. Common hiking in the woods without access to smartphones will not end, however, as planned by the organizers. Xander Berkeley, | Sarah Paulson, Stars: Director: We’ll tell you that it stars Alison Brie as a social outcast whose dreams start bugging her out and spinning her life out of control. If you've ever wondered what Assault on Precinct 13 combined with Cocoon would look like, here's a pretty close rendition.Where to watch it: Amazon & VOD, Release date: January 3Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Tara Westwood, Betty GilpinDirector: Nicolas Pesce (The Eyes of My Mother)Why it's good: This odd remake (of a remake) may not have thrilled fans of the original Japanese series (or those of the American reboot) but I know at least a few horror fans who found something to appreciate here. Crime, Horror, Mystery. Not exactly an upbeat message, but it does make for a fairly fascinating genre film.Where to watch it: VOD, Release date: March 13Cast: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Amy MadiganDirector: Craig Zobel (Compliance)Why it's good: The socio-political commentary of this movie may all over the place (be it intentional or otherwise) but as a fast-paced and frequently shocking piece of action/horror mayhem, there's a good deal of dark fun to be found here. The story is based on a Henry James 1898 novella, The Turn of Screw, but The Haunting of Bly Manor takes much of its inspiration from a 1961 British film, The Innocents, arguably one of the scariest psychological horror films. Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Where to watch it: VOD, Release date: January 30Cast: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Rhys WakefieldDirector: Joe Begos (Almost Human)Why it's good: A frustrated but talented young artist discovers a freaky new street drug and quickly realizes that it's helping her "artistic method" in strange and horrifically violent ways. Stars: Crispin Glover, Ashley Cacho, David Arquette, | David Prior In 1989 an ambitious young woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. Take a break from the 2020 horror show with one of the scariest movies to come out this year.

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