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He also provides tactical support during the strike against Variks' malfunctioning Servitor within the prison.

After all the tapes have been collected, the Drifter will request your presence one last time, he'll then explain how he has many enemies and that he has seats for people that'll escape the impending apocalypse with him and that he has a seat reserved for the guardian and hopes that they will be with him when that day occurs. Forsaken, the new Destiny 2 expansion, brings with it a lot of new content. Right next to the Drifter in the Tower are Cabal and Fallen helmets, as well as a bag of Vex construct parts. The Drifter bragged about all the places he had travelled outside of the system, claiming he had gone to the Luvial Crux, the Shift Chasms Below Elios, and the Fourth Tomb of Nezarec and seen the Idols of Lower Sul, the Treasure of Exodus Prime, and the Solar Engine of Dead Star-Six, although Malphur was unsure how truthful any of those tales were. [34], The Drifter is pessimistic about humanity's continued survival. The Hidden Messages portion of the Destiny 2 Allegiance quest line tasks players with tracking down some of Drifter’s tapes. Drifter took that as a “yes” and spoke about how “everyone is crazy, now.” He tells Calus that the Cabal emperor is not even Cabal anymore, and leaves on his Sparrow. After the adventure, Aunor requests that the player goes into Gambit or Gambit Prime, where the player must bank 50 motes to continue. The Drifter's line of "Transmat firing!"

They determined that these entities were the source of the Light-repressing fields and that they shared some characteristics with the Hive, although the Drifter regretted not having a scientist among his crew who could study them better. Felwinter then asked Drifter to leave, asking his Ghost to prepare his Iron Banner loadout. Drifter eventually found his way to a small and starving village in the East, where he gains a new life as a normal citizen - keeping his Ghost and Light hidden, but performing minor miracles when nobody was around to provide small amounts of food. This crew would perform heists on Warlord territories, with Otto accompanying the Drifter to respond to any security detail, Thalia picking off any remaining lookouts, and Ayrin providing the escape using a kitbashed bomber aircraft. Gambit pits two teams of four against each other in separate areas, each facing off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. When the player visits the Eliksni crime lord, he will request a bribe of 50,000 Glimmer, which must be paid to continue the quest. After finishing those steps, the player must return to their Hangar terminal and then search the Drifter's ship, the Derelict. He later spotted all five meeting with Rience in the Warlord's territory and decided to eliminate them. Let's eat Drifter's hungry Ah hah Oooooh! [32][33] "The Drifter" itself started out as a nickname given to him by other people. He'll then tell the player to go to the Derelict to find a tape that sets up the beginning of a scavenger hunt all over the EDZ. During the Dark Age the Drifter was revived by a Ghost, who ushered him towards the Last City. When one of the Lightbearers drew his gun, the Drifter warned them all that the next time one of them did that he would kill them all. Though they completed their machine The Drifter warned Osiris there were no guarantees that it will work. Before you can access this mode though, as well as reap its rewards, you’ll need to meet the vendor responsible for it, a man named The Drifter. Help improve this article by cleaning it up! It will be based on a three-tiered system, again similar to Glory and Valor. The only side he's ever on is his own. His goal was to go to the Last City and start a competition he dubbed "Gambit" which would generate Motes of Dark and also recruit Guardians into a new crew. The Drifter/Dialogue. Tempers began rising, which only worsened when a second member of the crew died due to the proximity of one of the wandering creatures.

Following this the Drifter encountered the rogue Gunslinger Shin Malphur, who had begun tracking the Drifter after learning of his connections with the Shadows, whom Malphur was hunting. [8], At the dawn of the City Age, the Drifter and a subset of his crew set out to leave the Sol system, in search of something "greater than Light" due to the conflicts that Light had created on Earth. He foresees a second Collapse occurring in the near future, and ultimately is interested only in surviving or escaping it.[25]. You have two options to … The leader of the Iron Lords' group, Lord Dryden, offered the town multiple months' worth of supplies and food in return for the use of the town as bait to draw out a warlord known only as the "Red Man". [1], With Shin's approval, the Drifter returned to the Last City and set up shop in an alleyway by the bazaar. [14] During their first chance encounter in a neutral location, the Drifter told Malphur some of his story but left out his name, asking only to be known as the Drifter while Malphur told him to call him "pal". During a meeting with the Guardian, the Drifter informed them of his alliance with Eris, and how he believed he had a way to learn the secrets of the Darkness quickly. How to Find The Drifter in Destiny 2 Forsaken Forsaken, the new Destiny 2 expansion, brings with it a lot of new content. The town accepted the terms, and they were able to survive through the winter. They traveled for centuries, eventually finding a cold, desolate planet which gave off an energy that seemed to repel Light, much like the exotic weapon Thorn. Therefor Drifter doesn't belong to any specific class in the game, "not by common understanding anyway.". When the battle was over, Drifter honored the townsfolk by giving their bones a burial. Drifter, not being keen on the Traveler's Light, heads in the opposite direction. The Drifter also suggested that they vent their anger by participating in Gambit matches.[16]. Around the time the Pyramid ships arrive in the inner parts of the solar system, Drifter is approached by Eris for help in hearing the messages the Pyramid was broadcasting.

One big piece of that content is a new PvEvP mode called Gambit. Having been barred by the Vanguard from investigating, She called upon the Guardian to monitor the Drifter instead and report their findings. In one such heist against the Warlord known as the Wake, the crew stole an amount of supplies, encountering no resistance other than a poorly-trained civilian militia. The Drifter is an interesting character, with a surprisingly rich and deep lore. If you side with the Drifter, he will be extremely pleased and excited with your decision and you'll be told to go talk with the Spider as he has an item called "The Jerky", the Young Wolf will then head to the Spider's Lair and discover the Spider is selling many different illegal items including "The Jerky", a Ghost in a cage, a replica Gjallarhorn, and many other items (however you are only able to buy "The Jerky"). He will give out bounties and quests each week, and is tied into many of the game Exotic quests. When the Spider receives his payment, he will direct the player to Titan, where they must replay the adventure Siren Song. Smiling in anticipation of killing the treacherous Risen, the Drifter noted Cenric was a smooth talker and wondered if he had said those same words to Rience. He is not located in the main part of the Tower, and can instead be found in the Tower Annex. This article is a stub. This loss angered them, but also increased the Drifter's determination to find a way to take the creatures off-world as they could change conflicts between Lightbearers forever. Cenric demanded he speak plainly, and the Drifter declared them all rats and swiftly drew his assault rifle while stating there was only one thing to do to rats. He tells the player that he's only doing what he has to in order to survive and he won't let anyone stop him from doing so. He notes that he can hear the Sundial whispering. How to start the Destiny 2 Drifter Allegiance quest To start the Drifter Allegiance quest, visit the Drifter at his new home in the Tower. Drifters (ドリフターズ Dorifutāzu?) [11], Not long after this first death, the Drifter and his crew moved into one of the monolith's to get better protection against the roaming creatures despite the cold. He warned the Young Wolf that they need to set aside their dogma and understand that Light could not defeat the coming Darkness on its own, but that the key to salvation lay in Gambit.[23]. The Drifter spoke with the Young Wolf before they departed the Tower to hunt the Prince and told them he had heard the two of them had been good partners, which the Drifter considered a rare thing and that he had thought Cayde preferred working alone. The next step is to get 25 kills in the Crucible.

Joxer isn't enthused by the name, but he agrees to take the job. He is a traveler that has explored the far reaches of the Solar System and beyond, collecting machines, gadgets, and trinkets along the way. Felwinter, skeptic of his claims, asked how Drifter could prove his claims. Drifter eventually found his way to a small and starving village in the East, where he gains a new life as a normal … Ding 1 Ding 2 Ding 3 Ding 4 Ding 5. While there are a couple of ways to win the match, including picking up 75 motes and defeating Primeval Taken, the first team to two will be declared the victor. The Drifter sees Light and the Traveler with distrust. Good luck with Gambit and remember to work as a team!

He wished to use the Haul to travel into the realms of the Nine and ask them what the Darkness was, believing that they might hold the answers.

Dying of starvation, Drifter was reduced to crawling upon the ground, continuously being revived by his Ghost, and continuously regaining consciousness hungry. He asked them to ignore the Emissary if they approached them again and to leave the situation to him to deal with. From this point on, the quest is identical to the Drifter's side: a scavenger hunt around the European Dead Zone to find the other tapes. However, they each believed that the others were responsible and drew their weapons. Unsure if they really intended to kill each other, the Drifter still lived up to his promise and murdered all three of his remaining companions. When the Warlords arrived, the Iron Lords ambushed them, and the resulting battle razed the town to the ground as Drifter's Ghost watched from afar. [25][29] He particularly enjoys eating Hive. These tapes will tell the Guardian the Drifter's past and reveal some more about his personality including his time in the Dark Age, his distrust of Ghosts, his time in the Shadows of Yor, his fear of Shin Malphur, the Warlock Aunor, who has been after him for a period of time, and even a foreshadowing comment that a Second Collapse is coming and that Reckoning is only a preparation for it[citation needed].

As such, he has never gotten along with his Ghost and treats it solely like a tool, even actively rejecting any help it volunteers.

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