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16 Oct drift diving tips

You may motionlessly glide along, only finning occasionally, or you may be diving in strong currents. Once you are down to “cruising altitude” go with the flow. Basically, you kick less for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to dive in ocean waters yet. If you’re renting, check the gear; check the reviews on the Internet; ask about their first-aid supplies and missing-diver protocols. The normal rules of diving still apply in drift diving. This could be considered an advanced diving practice, but keeping everything in mind, it’s a breeze. opt in. The PADI Drift Diver speciality course can be quite useful to help hammer home the basics, but nothing beats experience. No, not until May 1... Who says you can’t fish off paddle boards? Divers and boaters alike should know what these flags l... Halloween is basically a contraction of Hallows’ Ev... Who has been counting the days? Here are our top tips for staying safe when drift diving. more information Accept. Mike Waddington. However, as divers progress to advanced dive sites, they often face strong currents — and that’s not a bad thing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I had never even considered Scuba diving as a hobby. What? Or a current… You choose. If you must take a camera, choose a compact device that you can attach to a D-ring or stow in your jacket pocket. Also, keep an eye on your gauges, your depths, and of course your computer. Essential Drift Diving Photo Tips Maximize Photo Opportunities and Capture Great Shots on your Next Dive. If you lose the rest of your group, look around for one minute and then ascend slowly to the surface and signal to the boat for help. Duck in close to the reef or rocks for shelter if you need to pause or slow down. Where shouldn’t you surface? And if for any reason this does happen during a dive, especially a drift dive, you should absolutely follow this procedure. Share. Be sure you know how to deploy one safely. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. In others, they’re very much frowned upon due to their potentially damaging contact with the environment. Look/Listen for boat traffic. Take the equipment you need. Practice deploying it in easy conditions so that you’re ready to launch it in more difficult conditions if need be. There may be an area of natural shelter from the current, such as a wreck or pinnacle, from behind which the group will meet and begin the dive. 5203 S. Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO | (417) 659-9009, Receive our New Posts Right to your Inbox. It’s also important to stay close to your buddy on a drift dive. Each drift dive has unique challenges and procedures, so pay attention to the briefing. Most initial diver training takes place in relatively calm conditions, such as secluded lagoons, simple reefs or a freshwater lake. Thus, the diver needs to be in control of its buoyancy and have proper equipment. We cannot be held responsible for any errors on the site and for any actions you may take after viewing its content. Drift diving can be effortless or challenging, depending on the dive site. As you ascend, try to maintain the same depth as the guide and your buddy. Sign up now to receive our latest blog posts and happenings with Extreme Sports Scuba straight to your inbox. However, make sure not to become tangled in the dive leader’s line, a common error with novice divers as the water movement pushes them around in surge. Stay focused on where you’re headed. You expend less energy propelling yourself through the waters. Think back to those open-water classes… neutrally buoyant divers only move just a couple of inches in the water with the inhale and exhale of a breath of air. Cozumel Drift Diving the Easy Way . Make sure that when the guide or driver gives the signal to enter the water, you’re ready. Stay in your comfort zone and work on your technique until you feel confident. Plan the dive, dive the plan. Name . Know your limits when it comes to currents; respect them and your abilities, and soon you’ll be drift diving like a pro. What it does require though, is proper knowledge and skills. During the years that followed, Marcus became absorbed in diving and, today, is a Master Instructor for both PADI and SSI. Carry a whistle or other audible alarm too should you need to signal your dive boat. Training Fundamentals: Top Tips for Drift Diving . If you get to the dive site, or if at any point during your dive you suddenly feel that you need to get out of the water, it might be your instincts telling you the conditions are unsuitable for you that day. It is different in the ocean though. Currents have different strengths and speeds at different depths, so try to stay in formation with the guide and your buddy. Name * First Last. Expert Drift Diving Tips. You can thank the currents for that. Ask the dive guide about local regulations and recommendations for using reef hooks; in some areas they’re not allowed, and on some dives, they’re required. Trying new dive equipment, such as a mask you just bought, can also be difficult, as it will take your focus away from the dive. Those currents are actually your friend when diving through the open waters of the ocean. Keep a lookout in front of you so you can plan accordingly. Phone * Town * Email * Got a Question? Use the reef or natural topography to your advantage. Marcus Knight (aka “The Scuba Monkey”) first dived during the ‘90s and was bitten by the scuba bug. If you float by the dive site still spitting in your mask at the surface, you won’t have a happy buddy, just an embarrassing dinghy ride as the crew picks you up. Meet the rest of your dive group at the agreed depth or location with your buddy. Cozumel has some of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean. Complete your pre-dive buddy checks very thoroughly. Deploy a marker buoy and/or activate your GPS at the surface as briefed. Or are buddy teams ascending with their own SMBs? California 94041. You’ll learn what the dive will be like in your dive briefing. Tilt your feet and ankles to make small adjustments like a submarine and you’ll soon discover you’re able to discreetly make small directional changes in the current. © Copyright 2017 Herts Dive Club - All Rights Reserved | Website by. Take notes on a slate to avoid confusion. Planned drift dives are a sublime experience as one floats weightless through a colorful reef amongst the fish. This can be quite challenging and, if you get it wrong, hazardous. HDC Statement & guidance regarding novel coronavirus, Paul Buchan – From Discover Scuba to Scuba Instructor with HDC, PADI 5 Star Dive Center status awarded to Herts Dive Club, New Online store opens at Herts Dive Club. Send. Here are our top tips for staying safe when drift diving. That is, unless you’re a photographer. Is the whole group ascending together at the end of the dive? If you’re ahead, keep still, relax and use the natural topography where possible to slow down. Drift diving is a type of scuba diving technique that lets you float along the underwater current. Instead, the fins help you navigate around walls or down behind the reef, etc. Mountain View Extreme Product Feature - SCUBAPRO Snorkels, Underwater Life - Crawdad (Crawfish, Crayfish), © Extreme Sports Scuba 2004-2020, All Rights Reserved. If you are doing a shore dive, you’ll want to go against the current first so that you can ride the current “home.” But if you are doing deeper dives off a boat, just ride the current and stay with your group. Time can fly as you’re flying through the water, so be sure to agree upon gas and no-stop limits before entering the water so that you can monitor them carefully and signal accordingly. Most boat dives tend to be around an hour give or take. Then, make sure you have everything including a marker buoy. If a dinghy is picking you up, find out if there are any unique ways to display your DSMB to help the driver identify you as a diver from his vessel at a busy dive site with multiple liveaboards. Preferably a good guide, which brings us to the next tip…. Most initial diver training takes place in relatively calm conditions, such as secluded lagoons, simple reefs or a freshwater lake. If you’re right-handed and it’s comfortable, mount your computer on your right wrist.

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