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16 Oct coming your way song

We saw this before in ‘They don’t know us’. Web. Well who would say no to such a voice ?! Overall the vocals are amazingly good , beats done properly , the feel being all dance-y ! Now comes my favourite part , those glittering beats in combination with an equally glittering voice. Start the wiki, Written by Danny Kirwan.I've got things to doI move everydayI hope you don't mind'Cause I'm goin' your wayYou've got things to doYou move…. Also the lyrics are soo inspiring too. His USP is that in the songs that he remixes , he takes the essence of the song and brings out the best. But yes, I shall try to make it up for all the time that we’ve lost. Hello everyone !! Song of the week : Borgeous ft. M. Bronx – Souls. Living is hard but I'm earning my way Hey! It get’s better As the song progresses, the voice further melts (my heart did too). I like to close my eyes and feel the small little beats all at once. The beats that surround it are super super pleasant! It has got feels and super smooth feel as well. Much thanks to all the love from back India and here in the US as well. What follows this is some real smooth beats creating a nice build-up for the  stomping beats coming soon. So this week’s track is something which has vocals so captivating , beats so elegant & has such an appeal to it. To summarize, Sugar and Brownies is such a wonderful piece that you wouldn’t want to listen just twice. Confidence starts in your mind. Found very randomly while just browsing through songs, I am so glad that I did. I'm coming Your way. Would really appreciate your comments! Signing off from the DC metro area currently , Do let me know what you feel. Stronger beats accompany the same sentiment so beautifully and calmly. With wonderful vocals alongside synths, this comes across as a piece of art. Listen to Coming Down Your Way online.Coming Down Your Way is an English is an English Song information for Coming Your Way - Fleetwood Mac on AllMusic Happy Saturdays are back here ! Must say this is one power packed song to fill you up with energy.This falls in a category called progressive house ( when beats progress as the song progresses ) & a festival number ( you would love to hear it being played with 20000 people around you ). And then the clock strikes 1:16 & Parson James’ voice with that sweet rusty feel begins to speak out some lyrics that are going to tingle your heart.Lyrics like ‘We used to have it all, but now our’s curtain call’ & ‘Its our time to go , but atleast we stole the show’ #SooMuchToIt, The fourth ‘But atleast we stole the show’ & you know you’re in for a melodious treat as soon as you hear the first whiff of flute kinda sound. So in the beginning its basic storyline being developed. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Small piano beats in the background go wonderfully with it and soon we move to the next level with more string beats and synths taking the voice and the entire experience to a different place. More build up to the next part of the song which according to me is not a drop. And then you reach this point where you think the drop is just about to be proposed.But no , he has some different plans here ,its not like the usuals &  you have a smoothened drop which will take you all to a different high, right from the sound of it.Right from this point to the next one ,my favourite part. And then we have ‘We’re Fireflies’ Yes those stronger beats surround you now. A lot of times drops are completely out of sync, but they have kept it amazingly similar with complete composure. I'm coming Your way. The track begins with those drop-like beats beginning to create a sweet vibe & as you deep-dive into it , you hear that raw , beautiful voice which is for sure going to be so imprinted on your minds.She changes the pitch so well & so into effect. And after all this we can only say ‘Kygo you simply stole the show’ #MuchLoveFromIndia Must say , well complemented by Parson James , Share it as much as you can cause its just soo wonderful . Salty waters, turn to laughter Here enjoy the track & I know for sure that your would want to put this on loop Here’s some lyrics just to give you that feel : Don’t you worry, As the song progresses, the voice further melts (my heart did too). This week we have a very soulful number that came out a while back and has been playing on in my head for some time now. What follows is some real cool synths and electro beats with that tinge of rock stuff added to it. Yes the time is right to get the dancing boots on . Hope loads of fun makes your way tonight and tommorow. Helllo people ! Just to let you guys know, if my YouTube records are anything to show, this one has been on my playlist for more than 50 times now. Yes, it is one of those songs that is #AddToPlaylistAlready, The song opens with a voice that you can instantly drown yourself in and lyrics which make you think about your life! Yess *hands up in the air*. Moving to the second part of the song , taking to a different zone ,those crystal like beats , really wonderful in the background. I just try to take it slow, oh Well for me , this one was a welcome week so we had loads of events such as Rec & Wild ( Water Rides Event ) , Silent Disco !! ( Just try to control yourself now ). I'm giving You all mine. But in do time Something was on my mind from a long time! Lyrics to Coming Your Way by Fleetwood Mac from the Show-Biz Blues: 1968 to 1970, Vol. Let the music spread One of the things that I have really liked about the song is how they have maintained the beat that they begin with throughout the song. Fleetwood Mac is a British and American blues band formed in 1967. Vocals , Lyrics , Feel , Thomas Gold along with Kate got this one bang correct. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. To tell you why he was soo awaited , cause he’s one artist who brings soo much musical sense on the plate. ‘We’re fireflies’ Leave feedback. Going My Way. Do you know any background info about this track? , How are you guys doing this Saturday night ?! It has a different calm & composure to it. Ohhh and wait this is just the first part of it , wait for the second one too. It’s gone the other morning As we move on to the next part, I love the fact how this voice helps you transition so effortlessly and smoothly. Closed your eyes already? Slowing it as we make our way towards the second portion, its a journey my friends and when it says, ‘Will be up till dawn’ it just creates the proper party atmosphere. Bassjackers ft. Luciana – Fireflies, The song opens up with that soulful voice of Luciana asking you to open your heart . As you let those vocals surrounded by subtle beats hit you more & more you also do realise that those lyrics have a powerful story to motivate you. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First; No Comments Add your thoughts. Before you know it, you’re in it already. Dharia’s deep voice melts into the beats so well! And then transitions enter your life, super pun intended! Before you arrive at 00:21, I would highly recommend closing your eyes! A big up to M.Bronx for those real sweet vocals . Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Greetings to this weekend everyone! Like those angels in the snow, oh”. What I essentially feel about this track is that this is a proper dancing number and the beats right at this point are the perfect companion. Well, the sounds are produced by Monoir on this one while the vocals are by this amazing lil girl named Dharia. Vocals, beats, and structure are what defines this one! Electric Zoo , which is one of the major festivals for EDM , happened sometime back ( If you are on snapchat might have seen the updates ). Don’t have an account? And now without much ado , here you gooooo : Hello guyss !!! What an amazing way to get to the drop. Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Colourblind. Headhunterz & Crystal Lake – Live your life. FAVORITE (7 fans) Fleetwood Mac. I know it’s blurry And here they are , the hard hitting synths , progressive synths , massive beats which might make you raise your hand up in the air.These electro beats are progress with different variations of beats  progressively added in the background. The song opens up with Dharia’s voice easing you into the mood, that sweet voice in contrast with little hazy strong beats on the background.

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