charley patton documentary

16 Oct charley patton documentary

The only thing that they had was--by the church was hope for the future, hoping that there would be a better day coming than what they were experiencing at that very present time. [35] The interviews were all filmed using an Arri Alexa on a slider or a camera dolly. Some of those artists, like the Carter Family and the Memphis Jug Band, became popular stars and are remembered as pioneers of blues, country, and R&B. Sing Out! during the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s, and he seems to have developed For example, the power Like many black Delta dwellers, his family would later leave for the North, but we brought two young relatives back to explore their roots. might slightly enhance a musician’s reputation, but they were Chapman: We would like to welcome you to our wonderful city of Cheraw, South Carolina, to a church that Elder John Burch built back in the 1920s. Herman got a little six Buick, big six Chevrolet car (2x) the misery of being stuck in jail without a drink with wry digs at the driving power, missing the ease, the relaxed subtlety that underly all guitarists whose records remain the gold standard for “deep” After the performance he is interviewed. 'He could pick the guitar,' uh, with his mouth, with his hands, behind his back, um, crawling, lying on the floor, um, simulating different acts onstage. this an honor, and described Patton as a important local figure--indeed, So, Spottswood discovered me down in Avalon, Mississippi. Well, he was attracted at the time because he made chords that didn't too many people make, but Charley Patton, they called him the founder of the Delta. I can't recommend this series highly enough. Well, he was the first one that recorded 'Little Red Rooster.'. Burch Burch: ♪ I'm gonna sing [With choir] ♪ So God can use me ♪ Right down here in this world ♪ ♪ I'm gonna sing so God can use me ♪ ♪ Right down here, Lord, in this world... ♪ Bradley: Oh, he could talk that wonderful 'Hey. It is interesting that Patton (or the recording agents) should have The accepted commercial wisdom of the time Far from Chicago bands, and thus of the barroom boogie bands that fill suburban He threw a few logs on the fire. by Willie Brown, Son House, and Tommy Johnson respectively, or the basic Well, he said, make it. "[35] Intense research went into ensuring all the archival film clips and stills were from the correct location and time period of each story. As a reprise Hurt is seen performing "Spike Driver" at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival to rapturous applause.

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