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Recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York, most of Naughty represents Khan in a holding pattern, without much material to accommodate her widening range. 7. © Jason Elias /TiVo, Three years on from Chaka Khan's recording of Classikhan with the London Symphony Orchestra, Funk This is likewise heavy on fresh looks at some of Khan's favorite songs, but its sources involve the likes of Jimi and Joni instead of Leiber & Stoller. 8. 9. CK . My Love Is Alive Naughty presents the two in a more centered working relationship. The album track "Slow Dancin'" was a funky ballad duet with Rick James. Instead, it's a set of jazz standards and traditional pop that she recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra, with a little additional help on a handful of cuts from pianist Joe Sample and percussionist Sheila E. Followers of Khan who know the singer's work well beyond the chart hits know that something like this is hardly out of character for her. Any Old Sunday Our Love's in Danger. The ambitious and much loved "And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia)" had Mardin and Khan creating pithy lyrics that paid homage to '40s jazz legends as well as all other subsequent musical geniuses. Background vocals – Hamish Stuart, Will Lee, Track 5 “Be Bop Medley” 10. The biggest hit here is the melodic title track and has Khan's patented mix of sexiness and intelligent phrasing. Digital Music. I Know You, I Live You, 1. Background vocals – Hamish Stuart, Will Lee, Track 8 “Pass It On (A Sure Thing) (Pasa Lo Esta Seguro)” Tenet: The Score of a Lifetime! I Feel for You I Was Made to Love Him, 1. Lead Guitar - Ray Gomez Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Volume One. 6. Father He Said ... Compilation albums. Whereas the aughts LPs ClassiKhan and Funk This were based on standards, covers, and updates, this EP is mostly new, created with a cast led by Sarah Ruba Taylor and partner Switch -- aka David Taylor, producer of M.I.A. "This Is My Night" (which was written and produced by the System) also became an urban radio hit, but the album is best known for Khan's unlikely remake of Prince's "I Feel for You." Chaka Khan is the eponymous fourth solo album by American R&B/funk singer Chaka Khan, released on the Warner Bros. Records label in 1982. The list you're viewing is made up of albums like Come 2 My House and I Feel for You. Chaka Khan is widely considered one of the greatest female vocalists and best music artists of all time.List of the best Chaka Khan albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. Supremely funky, versatile singer with Grammys spanning four decades, and hits ranging from "Tell Me Something Good" (with Rufus) to "I Feel for You." Piano & Synthesizers – Robbie Buchanan And though this release is given the "Vol. Stronger Than Before The tough, Latinized rock/funk of "Too Much Love" has one of Khan's most visceral performances. Chaka sounds mostly excellent from track to track, especially during the more relaxed moments. 4. 13 . That is true of up-tempo items like "Love Is Alive" (an interesting remake of Gary Wright's 1976 hit) and "La Flamme," as well as the ballad "Through the Fire," which was a big hit on urban radio but crossed over to adult contemporary stations in a major way. The big hit here, "Papillion (aka Hot Butterfly)," projects an effortlessness that didn't come as easy during Khan's concurrent run with Rufus. The disc features both covers and new songs, beautifully arranged in funk stylistics and powerful voice of the artist. That track gets new life here as "Like Sugar," a funky and inciting vamp that, as the lead single, sets the tone for a retro-contemporary feel-good set. A Woman in a Man's World ", Bassist Nathan East on Eric Clapton and "Change the World," Plus, Watch His Documentary. Pack'd My Bags 4. 1982: The Very Best of Rufus & Chaka Khan (mit Rufus) 1984: Twelve Inches on Tape (mit … Following the release of the Chaka Khan album and the greatest hits package The Very Best of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Khan reunited with the band Rufus later that year for one final album together, the double live/studio set Stompin' at the Savoy - Live (1983). The remainder is rooted in other bygone sounds, from mid-'60s New Orleans R&B to early-'80s Compass Point reggae. or "What are the top Chaka Khan albums?" And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia) Many artists who had been huge in the 1970s found that they no longer appealed to black radio programmers, who had abandoned them and turned their attention to electro-funksters and Prince disciples. In 1982, Khan issued two more solo albums, the jazz-oriented Echoes of an Era and a more funk/pop-oriented self-titled album Chaka Khan. Clouds This Chaka Khan discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Chaka Khan albums can be found at the top of the list. What Cha' Gonna Do for Me © Andy Kellman /TiVo, Legendary vocalist Chaka Khan presents her latest live album, Homecoming. To make it easy for you, we haven't included Chaka Khan singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. Its germ is in the Taylors' appearance on the soundtrack of The Get Down, for which they fused the Fatback Band's 1975 funk classic "(Are You Ready to Do) The Bus Stop" to a like-spirited number fronted by Sarah Ruba. Rufusized Rufus. R&B - Released June 14, 2018 | Universal-Island Records Ltd. R&B - Released February 5, 2008 | Rhino - Warner Records, R&B - Released July 17, 2013 | Rhino - Warner Records, R&B - Released January 1, 1980 | Burgundy Records, Pop - Released October 13, 1978 | Rhino - Warner Records, Jazz - Released January 18, 2005 | Rhino - Elektra, Dance - Released April 18, 2006 | Rhino - Warner Records, R&B - Released March 26, 2013 | Rhino - Warner Records, Jazz - Released January 28, 2016 | Shami Media Group 3, Jazz - Released October 5, 2004 | MWG - Music World Entertainment Corporation, Soul - Released January 15, 2008 | Goldenlane, Chaka Khan's career through the 1996 release of Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. List of the best Chaka Khan albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. Harmonica - Robert Bonfiglio If you want to know, "What is the Best Chaka Khan album of all time?" Vocoder & additional synthesizers ("Con Alma") – Bob Christianson 4. Right Is Right 8. Longtime Khan fans are likely to glance at the cover of the disc and see it as a another career retrospective -- or, at most, re-recordings of the singer's old material -- that they don't need to hear. 8. The latter album's track, the jazz-inflected "Be Bop Medley", won Khan a Grammy and earned praise from jazz singer Betty Carter who loved Khan's vocal scatting in the song. 2004 . Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 25. Khan had a very different take on the song than Prince; while his original version was subtle and restrained, Khan went for exuberance and added a strong hip-hop flavor. That being said, Naughty is only a few songs away from being a bona fide classic. Even when a surplus of synthesizers, organs, and flame-throwing guitars threaten to overtake her elsewhere, she cuts straight through with full-tilt, life-affirming power. Supremely funky, versatile singer with Grammys spanning four decades, and hits ranging from "Tell Me Something Good" (with Rufus) to "I Feel for You." 5. The cover of "We Can Work It Out" gets a brash and funky Stevie Wonder-style arrangement, with Gregory Phillanganes doing great synth work. Fate We Got the Love 2. Percussion - Sammy Figueroa 2. 9. "Got to Be There" reached number five on the R&B charts, but it actually wasn't the album's high point. R&B - Released November 8, 1996 | Reprise, R&B - Released April 18, 2006 | Rhino - Warner Records. Chartboxen sind in ebendiesen zu finden. Yet another frustration is that previously unreleased songs take the place of missing classics like "Sweet Thing," "Clouds," "Fate," "Close the Door," and "Stay." Read Full Biography. Alto Saxophone - Dave Tofani, The Very Best of Rufus featuring Chaka Khan,, And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia),, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Pass It On (A Sure Thing) (Pasalo Esta Seguro)", Arif Mardin - record producer, musical arranger (rhythm) tracks: 1, 2, 3, musical arranger track: 4, musical arranger & vocal arrangement track: 5, Randy Brecker - musical arranger (horns) track: 1, Robbie Buchanan - musical arranger (bass part) track: 1, musical arranger (rhythm) tracks: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8. musical arranger tracks: 4, 5, Danne Lemelle - musical arranger (horns) track: 2, Chaka Khan - vocal arrangement & special lyrics track: 5, This page was last edited on 13 June 2020, at 21:22. This Chaka Khan discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Chaka Khan albums can be found at the top of the list. 1998 . Keyboards & Synthesizers - Robbie Buchanan, Track 3 “ Best In The West” Percussion - Sammy Figueroa Teaming again with Arif Mardin, slowly but surely the two began to craft an even more successful and innovative sound. The only obvious problem with the disc is its title. Nothing's Gonna Take You Away © Alex Henderson /TiVo, Although the misleading title doesn't indicate it, Classikhan can be seen as a follow-up to the Echoes of an Era album Chaka Khan made with her all-star cast of jazz musicians in 1982. We Got Each Other Hot Butterfly) Recorded with a core of Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Bobby Ross Avila, with guest contributions from Mary J. Blige, Michael McDonald, and Rufus guitarist Tony Maiden, Funk This sounds like much of it was recorded live, giving it a loose, not-fussed-over sound, though there are some questionable moves -- like the favoring of a smoothed-out synth over a crunching guitar riff during Rufus' "You Got the Love," or the use of a talk box on McDonald's "You Belong to Me." 10 . Heed the Warning All Chaka Khan albums. Destiny . CD: $16.99. At the absolute least, Khan deserves a solo-only best-of, as well as a disc that sticks strictly to her work with Rufus. 4. Tenor Saxophone - Joe Henderson, Track 6 “Twisted”

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