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Figures are released weekly for the Billboard top 200 albums based on Methodology:Bloomberg ranked the world’s most influential pop stars based on six criteria: Data for live shows is provided by Pollstar, which ranks the category of “Global - Top Songs” The album debuted atop the Billboard charts, and produced two different singles that did the same (the first time a female rapper has done that). Figures for a given week are included as long as the final day of that week occurs during the calendar Eminem recorded an entire song about killing his wife. …

Here’s how the singer stacks up in the Bloomberg Pop Star Rankings. Atlantic Records Co-Chairman Julie Greenwald knew she had a smash hit the moment she heard Cardi B’s new single “WAP.” She also knew she needed to clean it up for radio. For March, April and May 2020 rankings, collaborating artists were not included for Spotify and YouTube data. eligible artists for that month’s ranking, Bloomberg includes any artist who is in the top 100 for any given week. WAP (feat.

top 100 artists by average gross revenues received per show and top 75 artists by average number of tickets sold The six metrics are equally That same year, Cardi B signed with Atlantic Records and scored a hit with the single "Bodak Yellow," which climbed to the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 in late September; it made her the first solo female rapper to do so since 1998. That girl is so tough.”. From this universe of artists for this date, Bloomberg calculates the total gross revenues over month. a separate entity and credited with the total number of gross revenues, ticket sales, song streams, or views weighted and averaged for a final score between 0 and 100.

proportionally based on their position between the best- and worst-performing artists. Both datasets are released on a weekly basis, with Bloomberg using the final weekly releases for that Previously, a week’s data was used if it was released in the calendar month. “WAP” is now making a late claim as the song of summer. the calendar month. entity.

1) Most artists have canceled or rescheduled tours due to the coronavirus, so there is no new data on ticket sales this new version.

Artists are then scored on a scale of 0 to For any given show, song or album that involves a collaboration of multiple artists, each artist is considered as It’s unclear when that will change. calendar month. Cardi B’s controversial ’WAP’ single was the most streamed on Spotify and viewed 224 million times in August on YouTube. “How dare they be so bold?


While Cardi wasn’t thrilled about having to clean up her music, she isn’t going to complain about the results. Figures are released weekly for the top 200 songs. Figures for a given week are included as long as the final day of that week occurs during of the last day of the month.

throughout the month. Right-wing talk-show hosts have lamented its lyrics as too salacious for young ears—a criticism of hip-hop that’s as old as the genre itself. Megan Thee Stallion) Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion • WAP (feat. With the universe established, each artist is ranked on each metric. They are included in rankings from June 2020 onward. The Thursday night before its Aug. 7 release, she staged a virtual red-carpet premiere on YouTube alongside Megan Thee Stallion, who is featured on the track. These edits haven’t spared the song from controversy. Cardi B had a baby in the middle of her previous album promotion cycle, hosting “Saturday Night Live” while pregnant and performing at the American Music Awards just three months after giving birth. “It had everything to do with the fact that she’s a young, gorgeous woman, and Megan is a young, gorgeous woman,” Greenwald said.

She announced the new record to fans using social media, and spent much of the week signing vinyl jackets for people who paid for a limited edition of the song. to construct the universe of performers who qualify for the ranking. Artists who participate on a soundtrack album (as part of “various artists”) are not included. artist who is in the top 100 for any given week.

If an act is an established duo or trio, the act is treated as a single The best-performing artist

the previous month.

Cardi was also the most popular act on Instagram in August by a huge margin, earning her the top spot in the latest edition of Bloomberg’s Pop Star Power Rankings. 100 for each metric based on their relative position within the metric’s ranking.

Yet all that attention has only fed the machine. Stations around the country wouldn’t play the original version of the song, an ode to female sexual empowerment the title of which refers to genitalia. Bloomberg then sums each artist’s total activity throughout the

It’s also why so many people have rallied behind it, are playing it and loving it.”.

Countless hip-hip hits from male artists talk about women in salacious ways, and many advocate violence. Megan Thee Stallion) 3:07 0:30. To construct the universe of Photographer: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Universal Pictures, Sign up to receive email updates to this ranking, October 2020: Pop Smoke Is the Second Rapper This Year to Rule the Charts After His Death, August 2020: Juice Wrld Draws Comparisons to Tupac, Biggie With Posthumous Hit, July 2020: Lady Gaga Dethrones Bad Bunny as the World’s Biggest Pop Star, Trailing three-month gross revenues from live shows, Trailing 30-day ticket sales for live shows, Trailing 30-day total interactions on Instagram. The four remaining metrics are weighted at 25% each in YouTube releases weekly data on its top 100 most-viewed artists and videos.

the six metrics means they did not appear within the top 100 (top 75 for 30-day ticket sales) at any point during or box office grosses. Digital-song streaming data is provided by Spotify. Bloomberg uses artists from the

When weighing what song to pick for her return, she wanted a track that advocated for female solidarity. Bloomberg then sums each artist’s total views Source: Pollstar, Spotify, Nielsen Music/MRC, CrowdTangle and YouTube. Tired of stories that pit women against one another, she recruited Megan Thee Stallion, a rising star, to record the song with her. Bloomberg then sums each artist’s total number of streams throughout the month. “Did I think congressional leaders would weigh in? 1. associated with the collaborative effort.

While major stars like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar have become fond of the surprise album drop, Cardi wanted to build enthusiasm the entire week leading up to her release. Play on Spotify. While she has created an image of herself as a braggadocious girl from the hood with no filter, that casual verbal style masks one of the hardest workers in the record business. The top 100 artists qualify for inclusion in the ranking. Much of the controversy reflects a double standard for women in music, according to Greenwald. An artist with no ranking for one of

per show.

Design, development and data by Christopher Cannon, Julian Burgess and Alex McIntyre.

2) For data that is released weekly, the ranking now includes any data whose week ends in the given calendar It’s been the most streamed song on Spotify for three weeks in a row, and was the most watched video on YouTube the week it was released. Figures for a given week are Note: Beginning with April edition of the ranking, two changes were introduced: Instagram data is provided by CrowdTangle. receives a score of 100, the worst-performing artist a score of 0, while all other artists are scored The very best of Cardi B. “WAP” is the first single from Cardi B’s second album, a follow-up to “Invasion of Privacy,” the Grammy-winning hit machine that established the former reality-TV character as the next big hip-hop superstar. variables reflects their position among this final list of qualified artists. Listen to Cardi's new song with Megan Thee Stallion "WAP" Okurr! included as long as the final day of that week occurs during the calendar month. month. No.

To ensure the song got the widest distribution possible, Atlantic had Cardi record an edited version, “Wet and Gushy”; an edited version for radio, “Wet, Wet, Wet”; and then a super-clean radio version. Streaming services, radio stations and YouTube all promoted the heck out of it, driving the biggest streaming debut in history. Listen to Cardi's new song with Megan Thee Stallion "WAP" Okurr! If there’s one thing we know, there will always be people who have a negative opinion,” said Greenwald, who has worked with Jay-Z, DMX, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. Cardi B - Spotify Chart History | Click the headers to sort.

Each artist’s ranking within the six but do not have musical careers are eliminated from the final universe. “total activity,” which is defined as albums, track-equivalent albums and audio on-demand streaming-equivalent

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