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The president of the Russian Federation is the commander in chief of the armed forces and is authorized to assume direct C2 over the military via the Ministry of Defense and General Staff during times of crisis and martial law. The Russian Ministry of Defense is subordinate to President Putin as Supreme Commander in Chief and is charged with implementing presidential policy within the military, overseeing all readiness, manpower, and procurement issues. DIA is the nation’s premier all-source military intelligence organization. For example, the Eastern Military District covers the geographic territory from eastern Siberia to the Pacific Ocean, but it is commanded by OSK East.200,201 These reforms resulted in a reduced command structure, both vertically and horizontally, which is more streamlined, efficient, and flexible.202,203, Moscow’s National Defense Management Center (NTsUO), which came online in 2014, is a key component of the overall Russian C2 system. At its basic level, Russia’s concept of deterrence, appropriately applied in its view, assures strategic stability. His annual address to the Federal Assembly sets guidelines for national internal and foreign policies, and he resolves internal governmental disputes. The NTsUO works with subordinate regional and territorial defense management centers to coordinate ministry and department activities among lower echelons in accordance with national defense and security directives while liaising with municipal authorities. The General Staff is responsible for monitoring and characterizing the threat environment and developing strategic and operational plans to equip, mobilize, employ, command, and control the armed forces.156,157 According to a 2013 presidential edict describing General Staff missions and functions, its range of responsibilities was broadened to include coordination of all activity undertaken by federal executive organizations to ensure defense capability and security.158, The chief of the General Staff, Gen-Army Valero' Gerasimov, serves as the military head of the Russian Armed Forces.159 Gerasimov previously served as deputy chief of the General Staff from December 2010 until May 2012, when he was appointed commander of the Central Military District.160 He became chief of the General Staff in November 2012. General Lieutenant (Gen-Lt, two stars) Sergey Rudskoy served as first deputy chief of the GOU for 9 years before becoming its chief in November 2015, Rudskoy has been the General Staffs senior representative at international forums, and he will likely leverage this experience to enhance coordination with other militaries operating in Syria. The concepts of readiness, non-nuclear deterrence, and unacceptable damage are closely linked in Russian thinking; Russian military leaders judge that a highly ready non-nuclear force, able to inflict unacceptable damage on an aggressor—including against its economy— at any moment, is its own deterrent. ) Please search “China Military Power” or “ISBN 978-0-16-093972-3” for availability. Images and other previously published material featured or referenced in this publication are attributed to their source.

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Decisionmaking in Russia is highly centralized, and President Vladimir Putin dominates Russia's decisionmaking, including for military and security issues. During the Cold War, Russia developed a centralized nuclear C2 system capable of meeting its three primary requirements: reliability, speed, and security. Russia seeks to shape the environment in peacetime to avoid or deter conflict and, if war does occur, will use its military force to establish a favorable outcome for Moscow. Vincent R. Stewart Lieutenant General, USMC Director Defense Intelligence Agency Vladimir Putin’s address to …

• Redundant. In the end of 1980s, they were the leading power when it comes to total number of warheads stored.
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); First codified in the doctrine was the concept of non-nuclear deterrence, an idea that has been evolving since the Soviet period.

Maintaining control of its nuclear arsenal is of critical importance to Moscow. _gaq.push('_setAccount', '[TRACKING_ID]');

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Russia views wars as often undeclared, fought for relatively limited political objectives, and occurring across all domains, including outer space and the information space. The Russian president governs foreign policy, signs international treaties, forms and heads the Security Council, and approves military doctrine.148 The Russian president serves as the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Russian military, and in times of emergency he may introduce martial law.149, The Russian Ministry of Defense is subordinate to President Putin as Supreme Commander in Chief and is charged with implementing presidential policy within the military, overseeing all readiness, manpower, and procurement issues.150,151,152 The defense minister has the legal authority to oversee and direct operations of the General Staff.153, Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu was appointed Defense Minister on 6 November 2012, after 18 years leading the Ministry of Emergency Situations.154 Shoygu’s introduction of frequent strategic-level, no-notice inspections in Russia’s military districts, unprecedented in number and scope for the post-Soviet Russian military, has been critical in assessing and increasing combat readiness in the armed forces, as well in as refining defense reforms.155, The General Staffs primary mission is to ensure the military security of the Russian Federation (RF), that is, to protect the vital interests of the state and society from internal and external threats. It was approximately 40,000 warheads. The Russian Armed Forces were formed in 1992. Moscow fears that the speed, accuracy, and quantity of non-nuclear strategic precision-guided weapons can achieve strategic effects on par with nuclear weapons,117 one of the primary reasons that since at least 1993 (and most recently codified in the 2014 Military Doctrine) Russia has reserved the right to a nuclear response to a non-nuclear attack that threatens the existence of the state.118,119,120 In addition to rejecting no-first-use, Moscow has discussed using nuclear weapons to de-escalate a conflict.121,122 While most military theorists and leaders believe great-power conflict is unlikely, they nevertheless express concern about the usability of the information space to achieve state goals.123 Russia has tied this decisive and shortened initial period to the idea that only more proactive or even preemptive action is required to counter it.124,125,126 Russian developments in precision-guided munitions indicate a desire for “deep strike” capability to preempt attacks from an adversary. The doctrine also underscored perceived threats to Russia’s domestic security and described the military’s requirement to inflict unacceptable damage on any adversary at any time.

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